Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland + work permit


This thread provide answers to any queries on how to get :

1. Admission offers in Ireland
2. Visa processing
3. The post study work visa types available in Ireland
4. Opportunities for IT , Engineering and Health scs Students /Graduates.

Getting Admission offer to study in Ireland
==========================Foundation & Undergraduate
==================For foundation/pre-bachelors programs in Business, Engineering, Sciences and Medical courses- Entry requirement is at least 5 0-level credit results (WAEC/GCE/IGCSE/NECO), this should include credits in English and MATHEMATICS. While for Medical courses, students should have exceptional results with As & Bs.

For Direct UG programs: A few high ranked Universities accept O-level results and compulsorily foundation program from a Foundation-Education Provider in Ireland. While others accept 0-level & A-level programs from any Institution across the world. Additional requirements required for direct UG entry program may include IELTS @ average of 6.0 and no band less than 5.0 – 5.5.

Tuition fees is from EUR 9,000 to EUR 35,000 * depending on the program of study and Institution. E.G RCSI- Royal College of Surgeons Ireland costs as much as EUR 30,000 PER YEAR.

Postgraduate-Top-up degrees & PGD
Top-up Programs—- This is a year program for diploma holders such as : Nurses (RN) with diploma results, Polytechnic graduates (HND) amongst others.
Tuition fees is from EUR 10,000 TO EUR 12,500 (As of today, Bank rate for EUR – Naira; is 1EUR to #420).

After Completion of studies, BSc graduates get 1 year work permit to stay back and work or process permanent work permit in Ireland.

This may actually be a better option to study, work and settle permanently in the Republic of Ireland as compared to the UK because of the opportunity for practical work experience permit which could turn into Indefinite leave to Remain

Naturalization in Ireland is 7 years of stay in Ireland (combined years of studying or living in Ireland OR 4 years of work permit in Ireland). In other-words, you get indefinite leave to remain after 4 – 7 years depending on the route you take.

…Why spend more for nothing, while you can spend less for something more beneficial…


I’ll be discussing more about the 2 years work permit available to graduates of Masters program and opportunity for Permanent settlement in Future posts.Cheers



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