About Us

Inspiring Careers and Solutions, Nigeria is registered under Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria.

Mission Statement

We believe we are in an era where the only constant thing is “Change”; with the market extremely competitive and youth unemployment on utmost rise; We aim to provide improved Educational  services (which includes, International Academic Summer Trips, Student Recruitment services to study abroad with guided counselling on the  best location for studies and Entrepreneurial Training), job recruitment and strategic business improvement solutions that positively impact lives, businesses and the global community whilst keeping ahead of evolving policies and revolutions.


Within the next decade, we aim to be listed within the best 5 African and Top-Ten International ‘Strategy’ and ‘Intern’ company which keeps abreast of continuous revolutions through creative and strategic development of efficient and effective solutions without risking our core values of formulating and implementing services which enables us to positively impact careers and businesses.

Our Client list cuts across both Public and Private Sectors such as : Individuals, SMEs, Multinational Retailers, Higher Institutions of learning and Health Care Institutions.



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